When you’ve eaten your fill of Christmas dinner and need to rest your weary party feet in front of the TV, here is a delicious viewing gift to you this festive season by Netflix: 7 Days Out.

Created by the brilliant director behind Met Gala expose The First Monday and recent Andre Leon Tally film The Gospel According to André (Ed’s note: a must-see, fascinating and heartbreaking at the same time), this multi-part documentary series covers the emotion-filled lead up to high-stakes cultural events.

The first hour-long episode released on December 21 is a calorie-free treat for all fashion lovers: unprecedented access to Karl Lagerfeld’s world in the high-drama week before his Spring/Summer 2018 Chanel Haute Couture show.

Lagerfeld with Katy Perry, Cara Delevingne and Claudia Schiffer after the Chanel SS18 Couture show that’s central to this Netflix documentary episode. (Credit: Getty Images)

Recap the runway show in GRAZIA’s Chanel Couture SS18 Gallery here.

The show, which happened in Lagerfeld’s long-time catwalk venue of choice – the majestic Grand Palais by the Seine in Paris – was themed to resemble an 18th Century French garden, complete with water fountain and pergolas embellished with real roses.

Director Andrew Rossi and his team were given full access to the seamstress studios, show construction and of course Lagerfeld himself during the thick of the pre-show whirlwind.

Chanel Haute Couture Spring Summer 2018. (Credit: NOWFASHION)

“Over time, people come to forget that the camera is there. It’s all about developing that trust, which is the biggest challenge in making a show like this,” Rossi commented to American Vogue. “Typically, I have a year or so with subjects to develop trust over time [but] this case, we land at the most nerve-wracking moment and embed ourselves with people as they’re in the final seven days to an event.”

Though a celebrated film-maker, Rossi is the first to admit his knowledge of the fashion industry and its processes was limited before the project, so he turned to longtime Chanel muse, Best Dressed Hall of Fame alumni and Lagerfeld right-hand-woman, Amanda Harlech, for guidance.

Karl Lagerfeld and Lady Amanda Harlech at a private dinner in Miami in 2014. (Credit: Getty Images)

“She comes in and out to describe how the process works, both in terms of the craft – the savoir-faire as they call it– but also the timing,” he also said. “It was an education for me, but sometimes that’s good. If I am on the ground trying to understand the world, I hope that open eye translates for the viewer too.”

Other episodes in the series include NASA’s Cassini mission to Saturn, a League of Legends video gaming tournament and the reopening of world-famous restaurant Eleven Madison Park.

See the 7 Days Out trailer for yourself below, then set your outlook calendars for December 21, pronto. Click here for more details.