Kaia Gerber has landed a major beauty gig, becoming the new Makeup Ambassador for YSL Beauté.

The news tops off a mighty Fashion Month – which saw the 17-year-old (and now expert strutter) grace catwalks from Versace to Valentino, across all four cities.

Undoubtedly one of the most coveted models-of-the-model, it is a formidable acquisition for the French beauty house, who will roll out a David Sims-lensed campaign from January 2019. The celeb progeny will star as the face of Rouge Volupté Shine, the iconic moisturising lipstick, and will also be the muse for Touche Éclat and Mascara Volume Effet Faux Cils in forthcoming campaigns for the brand.

Makeup, of course, is helmed by Global Beauty Director for YSL Beauté, Tom Pecheux, who has worked on Kaia’s beautiful canvas countless times backstage. “The campaigns were so enjoyable to shoot – David (Sims) and I had both worked with Kaia before, so everything felt very easy, very connected, and we appreciated every moment”, says Pecheux.

And as for Kaia herself? Naturally, she’s thrilled. “To be the new face of YSL Beauté is an opportunity to write a new story full of fun, colour and makeup. I love the DNA of a brand that is so subversive while being so luxurious and cool!”, she exclaims. Embodying the youthful spirit of YSL Beauté, the ebullient Gerber is the perfect fit for a house grounded in bold colour, self-expression and creativity.

In the first look for the campaign, Kaia fronts the camera steely-eyed and smouldering; those iconic arches brushed-up and bushy, that rosebud pout nude and creamy, and those eyes, perfectly smudged and sooty, they remain youthful with flecks of glitter, which even playfully drop down onto her skin.

The face of a new generation of fashion stars, the enlightened Gerber knows too well the responsibility that comes with such a role. “I think these days, everything you do has to be measured with a degree of responsibility. If there are people who view me as a role model, I really hope to be able to create positive images and messages that inspire others to feel confident about the way they look, to look after themselves, and basically to be kind to themselves”, adds Gerber.

A true beauté, January can’t come soon enough.