Credit: Instagram @kacyhill

One minute and four seconds into Kacy Hill’s new video for slow-burning track Like A Woman and you can tell Kanye West is behind it. From the beige bodysuits to the sexual innuendo of the bed (are you vibing Famous?), the video, like co-creator West, sets out to deliberately shock.

The G.O.O.D. music protégé and Arizona native will drop her new album of the same name on June 30, an offering that was executive produced by the famous rapper. Like a Woman is an exploration of my own femininity and sexuality,” Hill says of her new music. “I want my audience to have a similar experience of their own while listening. My goal is not to make a statement, but make space for exploration without shame or guilt.”

Beginning her musical journey as a back-up dancer in the Vanessa Beecroft choreographed ensemble that toured with West, Hill was quickly told to abandon such a career and instead focus on her ethereal vocals when West himself heard a demo and signed her to his label on the spot. “Kanye has been very good at giving me and other artists space and room to create,” Hill told GRAZIA in 2016. “Being in the room with him when he is recording and writing is really inspiring because I think I’ve learned the value of collaboration from him. I tend to be very closed-off and very personal with my project and there’s value in that, but there’s also value in realising you’re not the best at everything. It’s good to draw from other people and be inspired by them and have the humility to let them have impact on your art.”

Like A Woman – Hill’s debut album – will release June 30. Watch the video for the single here: