Credit: Claudia Sutiono

A diminutive Kacy Hill bursts through the derelict archway of her dressing room door at Sydney gig-spot, The Metro. “Hey everyone!” she says in her all American accent. And, once we move the jarred gherkins, crisps and many other odd condiments on her rider out of the shot, we’re set to film our interview with one of Kanye’s most prized women.

This knockabout character and incredible musician and performer is in the country on a whirlwind promotional visit centred around Australian festival staple, Splendour. It’s Hill’s backstory though of how she got to this very spot in this very dressing room that will stun you. A performer for West’s Yeezus tour, Hill showed her music to a crew member who in turn showed another crew member who showed West. The rapper flew Hill out to Atlantic City and after one of his shows, he signed her to his music label G.O.O.D Music on the spot. “It was the most insane feeling,” recalls Hill.

“I feel like some part of me felt like it was going to happen. I was starting to get interest from other labels at the time and I was like, ‘I want to be signed with Kanye’.”

Credit: Instagram @kacyhill

Hill now is a burst of (ethereal synth-pop) fresh air in and amongst her hip-hop heavy label-mates. But as she says, this widens her scope as a musician. “Kanye has been very good at giving me and other artists space and room to create,” she says. “Being in the room with him when he is recording and writing is really inspiring because I think I’ve learned the value of collaboration from him. I tend to be very closed-off and very personal with my project and there’s value in that, but there’s also value in realising you’re not the best at everything. It’s good to draw from other people and be inspired by them and have the humility to let them have impact on your art.”

Here she chats Yeezy, Gucci, Calvin Klein and new music.

Videography: Claudia Sutiono. Editor: Huyen Hac Tran

Kacy’s Hill’s single Lion is out now. And if you haven’t already checked out her EP, Bloo, listen here.