The Bieber PDA continues! In another instalment of Justin and Hailey Bieber’s public declarations of love, Justin Bieber has gone all DIY and made his new wife a necklace.

Uploading a picture of his new wife to Instagram with a simple, rather straightforward, “I made her a necklace,” Hailey is seen wearing a strand of yellow and brown beads, much like the ones we used to make in arts and craft at school. Underneath, a delicate, not-so DIY necklace which read: “WIFEY” in dainty diamonds (also a gentle reminder of their recent forever-and-ever nuptials).

But Justin’s custom job was far more quaint and in fact very on-trend, with nineties / noughties-inspired beaded jewellery making a comeback in fashion circles. Also quite chic was the artful layering of both necklaces, which Hailey also paired with the Jennifer Fisher hoops she seemingly never takes off.

Naturally, the comments section lit up, with fans praising his new skills, many dubbing him, “Justin the Jeweller.” Others wrote, “When you start crafting for the wife, you’ve got real love.”

While we’re unsure whether Justin’s jewellery will continue, one thing is for certain: there really isn’t anything as sweet as a little arts and craft to keep the romance alive.