NEW YORK, NY – SEPTEMBER 14: Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin seen on the streets of Brooklyn on September 14, 2018 in New York City. (Photo by James Devaney/GC Images)

After Selena Gomez’s recent album release and press tour, during which the singer went into detail about her toxic relationship with Justin Bieber, the man himself has addressed their past, saying his behaviour – which Gomez dubbed ‘abusive’ – was “reckless.”

“In my previous relationship, I went off and just went crazy and went wild, just was being reckless,” he told Apple Music’s Zane Lowe while speaking about his new album, Changes. “This time, I took the time to really build myself and focus on me and try to make the right decisions and all that sort of stuff. And yeah, I got better.”

Bieber also touched on his whirlwind relationship with Hailey Baldwin, who he got engaged to three months after the two rekindled their romance. They married another three months later, however, they’d dated years ago and Bieber says that him not being ready to settle down was the reason for their split in 2017.

“I’d let [Hailey] know prior to the tour when we were hanging a lot. I said, ‘Listen, I’m still really hurt and still trying to figure out my way, and I’m not ready to make a commitment to you in a way that … I just don’t want to say something and do the opposite,’ ” he explained. “I was at the point where I’d done that in the past. And I just was honest with her. I was like, ‘I’m not in a place to be faithful,’ and all this sort of stuff that I wanted to be, but I just wasn’t there yet.”

“I think I was just hurt from my previous relationship,” he added when Lowe asked why he felt he behaved in that way. “I think I still was dealing with a lot of unforgiveness [sic] and all that sort of stuff. So to be honest, I don’t think I even knew what I was really struggling with at the time. I don’t think I knew I was dealing with unforgiveness [sic] .”

“I was just in a place where I knew I didn’t want to tell [Hailey] one thing, and … I felt like she respected me at the time and I had a lot of respect for her, and so I just didn’t want to say something and then she’d see me off doing some other thing,” Bieber explained. “But either way, she loved me, and seeing me with other people hurt her. And so, with that being said, she went out and did things that hurt me. And so just this hurt – I’ve hurt her, she hurt me. And then before tour, we just really stopped talking. I was really upset.”

Of course, as history has it, Bieber and Baldwin reunited in April 2018, before getting engaged in June of that year.