Did you know that after one week of sleep the humble pillowcase has 17,000 times more bacteria than the average toilet seat? Shook? Us, too.

Considering the intimacy we share with our pillowcase (read: up close and personal every single night, no one night stand here), it’s a frightening thought, particularly for us beauty buffs and clean freaks. So how to rid thy treasured pillowcase of germs and bacteria? Kovrd, of course. The Australian brand came up with the ultimate solution to cure those late-night bacteria blues: a disposable pillow slip. Super soft and biodegradable, the light-as-a-feather Kovrd pillowcase slips on top of your regular pillowcase for up to four nights, to save the day (or night). Plus, no washing required; simply throw out every three to four days and replace with fresh pillows (lazy girls rejoice).

Available in two varieties, Kovrd is your answer to not only restless nights but unhappy skin. The CLEAN Kovrs are infused with a dreamy mix of bacteria-fighting botanicals, which include Eucalyptus and Tea Tree to target skin concerns like pimples and blemishes. Chamomile and Ylang Ylang help to soothe the skin, whilst Lemon and Peppermint work to clarify your complexion. Using motion-release technology, the natural essential oils slowly release onto your pillow slip throughout the night for your cleanest beauty sleep yet. If you prefer the simpler things in life, the SIMPLE Kovr has you covered. Unscented and perfect for sensitive skin, this clean and fresh slip is just the thing to hit the sack with. For those with particularly problematic skin, try changing it up every night; bacteria won’t stand a chance.

Think of Kovrd like your knight in shining armour (or pillowcase). Time to slip into something more comfortable (and clean).

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Tile and Cover Image: Instagram, @holeska