Can you think of a more iconic pairing than Emily Ratajkowski and Julia Fox? On a podcast? Talking about everything? We can’t – and we couldn’t hit play fast enough when we found out Fox was the next guest on Ratajkowski’s podcast High Low with EmRata.

Things got candid – but mainly we were captivated by the deep chats these two had about everything from raising boys as single mums through to Fox’s high-profile relationship with Kanye West. In case you missed it, here are the major moments from the podcast ep.

They Got Real About Raising Boys

Both Julia Fox and Emily Ratajkowski are single mums – Ratajkowski recently split from husband Sebastian Bear-McLard, with whom she shares son Sylvester Apollo Bear, and Fox shares a son, Valentino, with ex Peter Artemiev.

“How are we gonna raise these boys to not be entitled city brats?” Ratajkowski asks Fox early on in the podcast episode. She’s talking specifically about raising boys in New York City. “Don’t you feel like New York City kids—even if they’re not raised rich—there is, especially dudes, have even more entitlement than your average guy? So how the hell do we avoid that?”

But the conversation turns to raising boys in general – both feminists, Fox and Ratajkowski discussed wanting to raise their children to be free of patriarchal traditionalism.

“It’s hard as a single mom, raising a son, you just don’t want them to end up like every single guy you’ve ever met, you know? How do I stop this conditioning from occurring?” Fox says, with Ratajkowski mentioning toy choices – son Sly loves trucks, but Ratajkowski has introduced other, ‘feminine’ skewed toys into the mix to make sure his toys aren’t gendered.

Emily Ratajkowski Says She “Can’t Imagine” Having A Traditional Relationship Now

One interesting chat that went down was around traditional norms, from raising a family to romantic love. Ratajkowski mentioned that she’s currently living with her best friend, and they co-parent Sly together.

“I wouldn’t have it any other way. I love it so much. Spending time with another woman and just how much I don’t have to ever tell her—our instincts are so aligned. When you’re living with a man and you’re taking care of a child, you have to tell them. It’s so exhausting.”

This chat then veered toward romance. Ratajkowski told Fox that her priority now is emotional support. “Men are having such a hard time giving that to women. I can’t really imagine wanting that with someone else and having this traditional family structure. What I want is an emotional partner who can help me feel good about myself day-to-day.”

Julia Fox’s Relationship With Kanye West Negatively Impacted Her Career

Her high-profile relationship with Kanye West may have scored her plenty of headlines and turned her into an A-lister, but Fox says it was detrimental to her acting career, too.

“I’m not getting as many offers as I was before, weirdly. There’s been a lot of weird drawbacks with reaching that level of notoriety,” she told Ratajkowski.

“I definitely noticed a shift in the acting way, not in a good way,” she added, saying people have positioned her as a “liability” and “tabloid person”.

But while it’s affected her acting career, she’s not particularly phased. “I think things come to you at the right time, so that’s why I’m really not stressing. I really don’t care. I just have to trust the process.”