Jules  Tile
Credit: Voeu

She may have first hit the limelight due to the singing abilities of her very talented partner, but these days Jules Sebastian has gone on to find her own stage. And while perhaps it’s a quieter audience than what you would find at your typical Guy Sebastian concert, the professional makeup artist, stylist and chat show host is nonetheless holding her own. 

Recently named the brand ambassador for a new skincare line at Woolworths called Voeu, we grabbed Sebastian after the brand’s launch earlier today to find out just what we’d come across if we had a snoop around her bathroom shelves…

Credit: Voeu

“Skincare is absolutely key. It’s the groundwork, the foundation before anything goes on top. Right now I’m using Voeu – it’s amazing! For one, it’s so affordable, it’s also super convenient because you can grab it at Woolies along with your eggs and your milk, and it really does work. It’s moisturising and cleansing – it covers all the boxes.” 

“You know what’s great for this humid weather is a finishing spray over the top of your makeup. There’s lot to be said for a finishing spray. I didn’t really believe in it before, but in this weather when you just start sweating the second you walk out the door, something to go over your makeup to set it in place for at least a couple of hours is really helpful.” 

“I love peach tones in an eyeshadow. I’m into a bit of a peach shimmer on the inside through to the middle section of your lids, and then more of a matte on the outside.” 

Credit: Voeu

“I’m obsessed about not having dry skin, so I need a good lip moisturiser. The one I’ve been using is from Beauty Chef and is a really nice organic gentle balm in a pot. I keep it in the car and am constantly applying it; my lips always feel really moisturised. I’m a gloss and a balm girl rather than lipstick.” 

“This product has literally changed my life – the Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray. Their texture spray is the best thing I’ve ever seen in my life. It’s like a salt spray without the moisture, so it still gives you the texture without having to blowdry your hair. You just spray it on your roots, in your ends, and underneath. It gives so much body and so much texture – which is what I need as I have really thin hair.”


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