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Credit Instagram: @josephineskriver

Proving she can try just about anything beauty-wise and still pull it off – supermodel Josephine Skriver hit Coachella this year with a festival dream myriad of braids, glitter, stars, and pastels, but with an added dose of fantasy in the form of fairy floss colourings and unicorn styling. 

Mad Max meets The Little Mermaid, Skriver’s Coachella hair and makeup was a far cry from her usual girl-next-door ‘look’. Hair was twisted into two mini Unicorn “horns” at the front, before making its way into a number of braids with blue and pink pastel extensions twisted in along the lengths. Makeup was also playful – embracing this year’s big catwalk beauty trend of pink eyeshadow (not to be out-played by elements of fluoro pink stars and golden glitter). 

Credit Instagram: @josephineskriver

With braids produced at the hands of Martin-Christopher Harper and makeup by Vincent Oquendo, Skriver took to Instagram to praise them for their handiwork, posting: “Thank you to @themartyharper & @makeupvincent for making my unicorn//candy floss//mermaid dreams come true ???”

While Skriver’s hair look was most certainly extensions, there are colouring products out there that can give you the look temporarily – without having to rock up to work on Monday and explain to your boss that you were having visions of fairyland. And for the makeup? Just grab the pink shade and get heavy-handed with it across your eyelids. 

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