Once Jordyn Woods publicly cleared the air about her cut from the Kardashian clan, she’s been busy at work. The best way to address the fiasco with Tristan Thompson? Release a second collection of summer-inspired club kits with fashion house Boohoo only days after the KUWTK episode addressing the scandal aired. Sweet revenge? Coincidence? I wonder what Kylie thinks.


Having spoken openly (and eloquently) about the lack of body inclusivity in the fashion industry, Woods follows her 2016 collection with a sophomore release further pushing boundaries and now supporting women sizes 2-26. “My style has completely evolved since my first collaboration with Boohoo. In 2016 I was just turning 18 and coming into myself and my confidence. Since then I’ve acquired a lot more knowledge and awareness and started coming into womanhood. “ she told GRAZIA.

The global launch is held at the West Green – a secret garden on the 9th floor of the Times Square Edition Hotel in NYC, and I get to see the campaign in full IRL force. I can’t help but draw comparisons with Barbie. Or is it Clueless? Maybe it’s both. Either way, the narrative of California IT girl is a strong showing showing for Jordyn in the face of Calabasas.

There are 60 pieces in this Jordyn Woods x Boohoo collab. And colour. A lot of it. You will find body suits, high-slit dresses and matching two-piece sets. Oh, and if that feels tame, there is also lace, ruffles and tie-wasted silhouettes, too. These playful overtones are made for the gram: Jordyn saying “If I’ve already worn something on  Instagram, I don’t want to wear it again. So with that being said, I think that fast fashion has really expanded because it’s so accessible and affordable so people can keep doing different looks for and affordable price. My personal style is simple. Most days I’m wearing active wear but I love an excuse to dress up. For this collection I wanted to make it more occasional going out outfits with bright colours that would be fun for summer.” Woods told GRAZIA, drawing inspiration from her personal style and fashion trends that she’s currently into. Read statement blazers, ruched dresses, and bold colours.

Whether you’re looking for a revenge outfit or simply a cute party dress, this is your ticket.