Most Australians couldn’t tell you who won the Super Bowl last year, or any year for that matter, but what we do pay attention to are the legendary half time performances. There was that year when Katy Perry’s “left shark” jumped the shark, or the one when Prince performed Purple Rain during a storm, or when a pre-Finding Neverland MJ flew across the stadium, or when Beyoncé got the Destiny’s Child band back together. And…Nipplegate. Who could forget Nipplegate?!

No doubt about it, the Super Bowl attracts the biggest guns in entertainment (and they’re not even paid!!!) and creates some of the most memorable moments in pop culture history. 

So we were beside ourselves today when it was revealed that JLo, 50-year-old wonder-woman Jlo, will be performing the Super Bowl half time show this year, joined by another impossibly sexy Latina, Shakira. Just have a look at her, will you. 

It will mark the FIRST time these two have shared a stage together, and what a stage to debut on. And what a duo! Two sets of incredible hips not lying, two hella hot ladies getting loud, two of the realest in the biz reminding us that yep, they’re real. 

JLo’s fiancé, ex-pro baseballer turned media personality Alex “A-Rod” Rodriguez, did the proud partner thing on social media, wwhich was going berserk with the big announcement.


Both the ladies have been busy of late. Shakira’s concert tour film, El Dorado, hits cinemas in mid-November, while JLo has been garnering best actress Oscar buzz for her role in Hustlers and wowing the world from Milan

This is going to be LIT.