When tasked with choosing a fragrance for the day ahead, it often comes with a barrage of questions. Where am I going? What is the weather? What am I wearing? What mood am I in? What do I feel like? It’s an inner dialogue which plagues our daily morning ritual. Scent is such a personal a thing, and for those of us who take their (other) morning juice seriously, making the wrong choice in the morning can be critical. Just like wearing an ill-fitting outfit or wrong underwear (eek!), you’re stuck with a fragrance all day. Too sickly? Too heady? Too powdery? Bad luck. It can’t get under you skin, because, well, it is your skin. And unlike a pair of too-tight jeans, you can’t just take it off. A fragrance you won’t encounter post-spritz dissonance with is Jimmy Choo’s new perfume, Floral.


Jimmy Choo Floral is the kind of scent you spray onto your fleshy pulse points and instantly crave more. It’s fresh and sparkling and floral, of course, but doesn’t smack you in the face with overwhelming potpourri or the like. It’s a delicate floral, a sparkling floral; a modern bouquet of sweet pea and apricot flower, with soft magnolia blossom at its heart. There’s a little musk thrown into the mix with Ambroxan, a little fruit with nectarine and mandarin oil, and a squeeze of citrus with bergamot. It instantly conjures parks and playtime, picking flowers and joy. All in all, it’s exactly what you want to spray in the morning – or any time of the day – uplifting, zesty and eternally luminous.

The perfect wake up call, don’t get spritzer’s remorse. Jimmy Choo Floral will keep you happy all day long.

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Jimmy Choo Floral Eau de Toilette 90ml, $129. shoP now at Myer and David Jones