buddyjesintamainImage: @markgevans on Instagram

Jesinta Campbell and Lance “Buddy” Franklin achieved a feat that’s never been more difficult thanks to the pervasiveness of technology in modern life – the top-secret wedding.

The model and AFL star tied the knot in Queenstown on Friday, and enjoyed a day in private bliss, just the newlyweds and their wedding guests, before announcing the news on Instagram the next day.

Jesinta – who’s already changed her surname to Franklin on Instagram – captioned a photo that revealed her full-skirted Vera Wang gown “Mr and Mrs Franklin”, while the Sydney Swans star posted the same shot with the caption “My love”.


Image: Jesinta Campbell via Instagram

Jesinta threw paparazzi and the public off the scent when she told a white lie as she appeared on the Today show last week. When Lisa Wilkinson asked her point blank if the couple’s wedding was on hold until next year, she replied “yes”.


Image: @markgevans on Instagram

Unless photos and a story are coming out in a publication soon, it seems the couple forewent a lucrative magazine deal in favour of privacy. As one of Australia’s most high-profile couples they could have commanded hundreds of thousands of dollars from a celebrity weekly, but perhaps their privacy is worth a whole lot more.

Congratulations to the Franklins.