Credit: Instagram / @jlo

Though retailers can try to convince us that we still need cute Christmas and New Year’s Eve outfits even if we’re – in the UK and USA, anyway – likely not going to be leaving the house we live in on either of those festive occasions, we’re not going to be fooled that easily. (However – a warning – if you spend too much time on Instagram, you might end up at the checkout with a ridiculous £680 mini dress with feathers in your checkout before shaking yourself back to reality). 

The rise of leisurewear was undoubtedly the biggest trend of the year with the likes of actress Phoebe Tonkin releasing her own collection filled with it, Lesjour!, created entirely in quarantine, and the likes of high-end New Zealand label Maggie Marilyn swapping her usual collections filled with pastel, whimsical dresses for grey marle trackpants. And it seems that even those who have all the money in the world know that in 2020, comfort reigns supreme. 

Taking to Instagram, Jennifer Lopez posted exactly what she’s wearing to celebrate the week of Christmas, and in true 2020 fashion, it’s a tracksuit.  Of course, Lopez being Lopez, this isn’t just any ol’ baggy, grey number. Her outfit, a glossy gold tracksuit,  is part of Beyoncé’s latest Ivy Park collection. She completed the look with matching Timberland boots, a similar sunglass shade and sat herself on a couch in the same tone. J Lo is nothing if not extra.

Credit: Instagram / @jlo
Credit: Instagram / @jlo

To celebrate being convinced that all we need this Christmas is a new tracksuit, below, the best leisurewear outfits to buy.

LesJour!, The Cardigan – Disco – and the Wide Leg – Disco – $198 each, Shop NOW

Sleeper, Feather-Trim Pyjama set, $357, Shop NOW

Skims, Cozy Knit bouclé pants – Onyx, $88, Shop NOW

Maggie Marilyn, Crew Neck Sweatshirt, $139, Shop NOW