What’s hotter than Jennifer Lopez? Jennifer Lopez in Versace’s new campaign.

Unveiling the new Spring Summer 2020 campaign across the weekend, Lopez sizzles, or rather sweats, in the tech-inspired images, which “spotlight the digital age, making the screen the real mirror of our time.”

Starring JLO, who of course wears an iteration of the jungle print dress she made so famous back in 2000 and then again in 2019 at the runway show, the new campaign explores our modern relationship with technology; a provocation on the power of the internet and its vessels for voyeurism.

“To me, Versace represents empowerment. It’s a dream to collaborate with my friend Donatella Versace again on this gorgeous campaign and to create something new and fresh out of a piece of iconic fashion history.”

With Donatella Versace as Chief Creative Officer, the high-octane imagery depicts vanity and uncensored expression as a form of self-love, dissecting the cyber world we live in through the lens of Mert Alas and Mac Piggott.

Along with Lopez, Kendall Jenner also stars in the campaign. Wearing a mini power suit in the same palm print, Jenner types her own name into the search bar as an emblem of an age in which we define our self-image by what we choose to portray online.

Blurring the lines of public and private, display and discretion in today’s digital world, Jennifer Lopez and Versace have certainly brought new meaning to the term “cyber sex” .