“Anyone who follows me knows that if I have clippers in my hand, you’re going to get a really blunt bob. I love short hair,” says celebrity hairstylist, girl boss and our forever beauty crush, Jen Atkin. And we’re listening.

The bob, lob and shob was unmistakably the hairstyle of 2017, and the hairstyle continues its reign this year, with Atkin and co. championing short hair. But what goads Atkin’s love affair with short hair? Turns out it all started from an unlikely source.

“Natalie Imbruglia is the reason I started doing hair; from her Torn music video. When I was in high school, that video came out and I loved her short, choppy, razor bob, which I pray everyone starts doing again. And that’s why I started cutting my own hair because of that video. So you have Natalie Imbruglia to thank.”

But it seems the Australian singer was just the catalyst for an obsession with the ’90s. “If you Google the ‘90s, and all the models that had short hair, like Linda [Evangelista], Helena [Christensen] and Kate [Moss], I’m totally obsessed with them,” adds Atkin.

“But short hair doesn’t work for every hair type, you need to talk to your hairstylist about it. If you go to Mane Addicts, it’s a hair website that I have, you guys can look at tons of hair inspo for haircuts.”

Time to chop, we think. And thanks Nat, we’re eternally grateful.