Take one quick glance at Jen Atkin’s Instagram feed, and you’ll notice something: bobs, lobs and more bobs. Short hair – in all its choppy incarnations – is there, cropping up on both celebrities and Atkin herself.

For the celebrity hairstylist, she is out and proud about her obsession with short hair. “Short hair gives me life,” Atkin declared on a recent trip to Australia. “I love short hair.”

“Anyone who follows me, knows that I if I have clippers in my hand you’re going to get a really blunt bob.”

But what sparked Atkin’s preoccupation with short hair (and hair in general)? “Natalie Imbruglia is the reason I started doing hair, from her Torn music video. When I was in high school, that video came out and I loved her short, choppy, razor bob, which I pray everyone starts doing again.” The unlikely, Australian muse even propelled Atkin to cut her own hair. “And that’s why I started cutting my own hair, because of that video. So you have Natalie Imbruglia to thank.” And thank Nat we will. Atkin has been responsible for some of the most momentous short hair cuts in recent history (think Kendall, Kim and Bella), and we owe her for not only bringing short hair back into the spotlight, but for making it sexy again. “Google the ‘90s and all the models with short hair; short hair is sexy.”

When it comes to sex appeal, short hair is often in the shadows of its long, voluminous, Victoria’s Secret-esque counterpart. But not anymore, thanks to Atkin and her ‘it’ girl army of bob-baring warriors.

But remember, “short hair doesn’t work for every hair type, you need to talk to your hairstylist about it. If you go to Mane Addicts, a hair website I have, you can look at tons of hair inspo for haircuts.” For those it does suit, shear away.

Tile and Cover Image: Instagram, @jenatkinhair