The day after Christmas, Jared Leto gave us all a belated gift in the form of his shirtless, oiled-up body and one ab for every day of the week. Despite giving us all the surprise present we didn’t know we needed, it turns out the actor was celebrating his birthday. I know what you’re thinking: By the looks of this photo, Leto can’t be a day over 35, right? Wrong! Leto just turned 50. Five zero. 

As for how he looks this good? Leto previously posted about his agelessness on Instagram, sharing side-by-side images made by a fan showing him in 2008 vs 2016 (hint: they look exactly the same). “It’s amazing what a little human blood can do,” he wrote at the time. 

Though you’d assume he’s joking, let me point your attention away from Leto’s oiled-up stomach for one second. In this birthday image, the actor has blood dripping from the corner of his mouth. This could all be explained away as being due to the photo being taken on set of the forthcoming vampire movie Morbius, but given Leto’s past of referencing human blood—and Kim Kardashian’s love of vampire facials—there could be more to this ageless story yet.

As for what—other than allegedly drinking blood—Leto does to keep his skin looking so fresh? The actor refused to give away his exact skincare routine when probed recently by Bridie, though he did say sleep and a healthy diet is key.

“I’m a big believer in sleep being an overlooked component in a lot of people’s lives,” he said. “Sleep is looked at sometimes as a disposable resource that you can use and abuse, but I think sleep is a big one. I think meditation is a great one and is something that has a real benefit. And, you know, eating a good, healthy diet—those are the things that are super important.”

When the writer asked for specific skin tips, Leto replied, “You mean my secrets? You wanna know my secrets? [Laughs] We’ll have to save that for a whole other article.” Fishy, very fishy.