In her latest attempt to keep her Instagram game fresh, Kim Kardashian appears to have used a Cluedo-esque process to come up with inventive new ideas for her posts.

As in the murder-mystery board game, where players try to guess who killed the victim, where the crime took place and the weapon used (‘Mrs Peacock in the study with a candlestick’), Kim appears to be styling her posts from piles of sure-fire winning elements.

Case in point: in her latest update from Tokyo, Kim clearly selected the item of clothing to remove (bra/top) and what she should be doing (the Japan-appropriate activity of noodle-eating). Finish it of with the punny caption “nudels” and she’s nabbed herself, at this stage, more than 1.5 million likes in under five hours.

Instagram gold.

We can only hope Australian funnywoman and queen of the Instagram parody pic Celeste Barber has seen Kim’s latest work and is preparing her #celestechallenge, as she did with Kim’s recent post posing beside Louis Vuitton garbage bins.