Art: Kimberlee Kessler

Ther­­e’s a serious vibe to January with not one but TWO retrograde cycles (Venus retrograde 19 December – 29 January AEST and GMT; Mercury retrograde – 14 January – 4 February AEST and GMT) taking place in Capricorn and Aquarius. Two of the most grown-up and serious signs in the zodiac, hogging the spotlight and asking you to get real about what you want. It’s a time to make space for reflection and review of long-term plans, and consider how your words and actions now are impacting your future.

Don’t stress if you’re drawing a blank over the exact issues you should be reassessing; retrogrades have a habit of bringing the issues that need fixing to your attention. By the end of the month you should have a much clearer idea of what needs a rejig.

As with all retrograde cycles, it’s a time to stay as adaptable and open as possible. If you can help it, try not to make any firm plans, just let yourself chill and see what’s coming up. Next month once Venus and Mercury go direct, there’ll be plenty of time to start taking action on all your insights. For now, just keep a journal at the ready and stay curious to what’s calling for your attention.


Even if you’ve taken the whole month off work, your mind will be on the job this month. Following on from December, questions around whether you feel valued, aligned with, and proud of what you’re doing professionally will continue to play on your mind. Old contacts could resurface prompting you to question if you’re truly happy with your current trajectory. Meanwhile Mercury retrograde could bring a little chaos to your social life – especially around the 14th. Double check plans to minimise misunderstandings.


Following the blurriness of party season, deeper philosophical questions around love, money and your identity will have you feeling extra introspective. It’s a time to ask yourself, “What do I really care about?”. With Mercury retrograde in your professional sector, there’s a good chance you’ll be dealing with some tech mishaps especially around the 14th. Expect WFH set-ups to be clunky and allow extra time to get stuff done. Preparation is the key to taking it all in your stride.


As your ruling planet (Mercury) goes retrograde (from 14 January), slowing down should be a little easier than usual but travel plans to go awry. Calm frustrations with plenty of mindful movement (think: yoga and moving meditations). Venus retrograde continues to stir up questions of value and worth – especially around investments like bitcoin and property. Use this month to refine goals rather than furiously buy up stocks – there’s plenty of time to diversify in the months to come.


After last month’s introduction to Venus retrograde, this month you’re in the thick of some serious soul-searching. Your relationship – or potential partners – will be under the microscope, as you’re forced to confront the truth about how you really feel. “Is this working? What do I want? Where is this really going?” are the kinds of questions that will be keeping you awake. With Mercury also retrograde, questions around long-term cash could also be a talking point for coupled-up Cancerians. Avoid D&Ms around the 14th when miscommunications could turn atomic in record time.


With Mercury retrograde in your relationship sphere from mid-month, revisiting conversations – or arguments – from earlier in the month could take up a lot of mental energy. Watch out for misunderstandings around 14th when the skies look especially primed for crossed wires. Meanwhile Venus retrograde continues its re-evaluation of your health and wellbeing. What structural changes could you make to your routine that to support better health long-term?


Surrender and acceptance are key strategies mid-month when your ruling planet Mercury goes retrograde in the realm of your daily routine. Scheduling mishaps, crossed wires and work drama are all on the cards, especially when it kicks off around the 14th January. Aim for more blank space in your schedule, so when things go wrong, you’re not facing a domino effect. In your personal life, Venus retrograde continues to dredge up questions around sex, pleasure and possibly even kids. No need to make a call on any of it just yet, but try to stay curious as to what and who reappears.


You’re in the thick of some serious reflection this month, as your ruling planet Venus continues her retrograde cycle. While things may feel busy socially, try to honour the call to be still and go within. With Pluto by Venus’ side, it’s likely to be pretty intense but trust that whatever is being unearthed – especially related to your family or where you’re living – needs to be resolved. Wherever possible try to keep a low-profile and give yourself space to process what’s going on. There’s plenty of time for action once Venus moves direct (29 January).


The big breakthroughs continue this month with Venus retrograde continuing (until 29 January) to unearth hidden treasure…and maybe a little trash! Mid-month, Mercury also goes retrograde threatening some confusion in your home-life. Expect plans to change, conversations to be rehashed or off-the-cuff remarks to be misconstrued. It’s a timely remember of the power of your words, and ties in perfectly with Venus retrogrades bigger themes around how you use your voice. Let any miscommunications that pop up help you refine your longer-terms goals around how you express yourself in 2022.


Money, income, spending, saving – it’s all up for review this month as Venus retrograde forces you to get grown-up about cash. If you’re prone to burying your head in the sand, there’ll be no avoiding some home truths about your finances. Use the energy as an opportunity to get serious about what your financial goals are for this year and beyond. Meanwhile Mercury retrograde (from 14 January) could bring some confusion to communications. Back up your tech, repeat instructions and be extra careful with how your choice of words – especially around siblings.


No one will be feeling Venus retrograde quite so powerfully as Capricorns. Your values, identity, appearance and health are all up for review as Pluto literally shakes you to get serious about what you care about. People and themes will resurface, but not everyone gets to come along for the ride. Now is the time to think long-term (like you ever think any other way!) When you start to feel yourself feeling wobbly, think of  how your outlook on life has changed since Venus was last retrograde in this part of your chart back in December 2013 – January 2014 and give yourself credit for how far you’ve come.


The year kicks off with one very clear message for Aquarian peeps: “Slow down!” As Venus retrograde ramps up, your desire for solitude will reach new heights. Honour those yearnings and make time to go within. Meditation, journaling, guilt-free daytime naps­­ – whatever helps you connect with your inner world, will be the ticket to honouring your soul’s astro cycle. Once Mercury goes retrograde, the vibe shifts, and could feel a little angsty (especially around the 14th). Embrace the quiet while the going is good. You’ll be glad you did.


Friendships, alliances and old hurts will be front and centre this month as Venus retrograde stirs up big emotions in your social life. With Pluto involved, you can bet the themes won’t be light and breezy but nevertheless, the relationships or fallouts you’re being called to revisit are primed for some deep healing. Mercury retrograde could have you feeling a bit out of sorts, so be sure to prioritise your mental health and make space for supportive practices to help you process everything that’s going on.