Jamie North’s Remainder features orbs made from cement, coal ash, marble waste and living Australian flora
Credit: Instagram
If there’s been one constant image anchoring my Instagram feed over the past month – besides the flotsam of Fashion Month – then its surely been the spherical scene stealers from Jamie North’s stunning exhibition, Remainder.

The artist’s third solo show at Sarah Cottier Gallery consists of a solar system of large, deteriorating orbs made from industrial by-products – cement, coal ash and marble – slowly being overtaken by living Australian flowers, like Dockrillia orchids currently in full bloom. It’s almost as if each sculpture is staging its own performance, riddled with the tension between dormant manmade waste and living ecosystems that act as a testament to nature’s power to reclaim.

It’s North’s third solo show at the Paddington gallery, and it’s also accompanied by a photographic installation, Moving Mountains – striking chiaroscuro landscapes depicting mountains of slag, another waste by-product of smelting.

So consider this both a public service announcement and a final warning: Remainder closes tomorrow, making this your last chance to catch Spring’s most Instagram perfect exhibition. You can find out more information here. 

Tile and cover image: Instagram