What’s better than Jacquemus’s Le Chiquito mini bag? Jacquemus’s Le Chiquito necklace, earrings and charm bracelet, of course.

With just four days to go until his coed show (the designer has split from regular Fashion Week scheduling staging a coed show to coincide with Haute Couture Fashion Week instead), Jacquemus has teased the most exciting thing since launching his now-cult Le Sac Chiquito – the same bag but in jewel form.

As part of his forthcoming “L’ANNNÉE 97” show, the designer shared a jewellery preview of the collection via Instagram, which sees the sell-out sac shrunk once again, this time suspended in gold and taking the form of a pendant necklace, earrings and charm bracelet. Its famous shape remains – the disproportionate top-handle, irregular body and golden JACQUEMUS – however instead of slung across your body, Le Sac Chiquito will now dress your décolletage or dangle from your lobes and wrists.


The jewellery preview also comes accompanied by a bag preview, which sees more iterations of the bag version of Le Chiquito – rendered in wicker and featuring new sporty strapping – plus all new styles including a belt bag and water bottle bag (superfluous fashion at its finest).


Another masterstroke by the millennial Karl Lagerfeld (a common comparison), remember if it ‘aint broke, don’t fix it – just make more of it.