You only need the slightest breeze of a rumour like a Gossip Girl reboot for it to turn into a full-blown tornado. On Friday last week, president of American TV network The CW, Mark Pedowitz, was quoted by website TVLine saying that a reboot of their hit show (that aired from 2007 until 2012) was possible. He said “There’s a discussion, but I’m not sure if we’re there yet.”

So it’s kind of, sort of, possible.


It’s also “possible” that Margot Robbie might return to Neighbours and “possible” that Michelle Pfeiffer will do Grease 3, however, Gossip Girl fans need only a whisper of a ‘not-a-no’ to start dusting off their headbands and rushing the streets of the Upper East Side. But, like a principle whose told her students it’s “possible” their school could become co-ed or that Fridays could be mufti with free pizza, it’s taken other teachers to race in and gently manage the excitement…ie. kind of shut it down.

According to insiders were quick to remind people that although there’s been a “discussion” the former cast members (Blake Lively, Leighton Meester and Penn Badgely, among others) are actually all super successful (bar the publicly shamed Ed Westwick) outside of their Upper East Side alter egos and it’s unlikely any of them would drop current film and TV contracts to dabble in nostalgia. This is not the Backstreet Boys, guys.

However, just so the kids at the school don’t go full revolt-mode another insider added “the cast still keeps in touch and even just recently joked around that perhaps if the deal was right, they’d consider a limited series on Netflix.”

Sounds like a one in a million…but that’s still a chance!

In the meantime, we’re revelling in redux-city by celebrating the best ever looks from Serena Van Der Woodsen, Blair Waldorf and a few of their friends and foes. Perhaps even without a reboot, a celebrated re-watch is just as exciting…at the very least it’s a wardrobe refresher. XOXO.

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