“Back to work”, wrote Kendall Jenner on Instagram today. But unlike utilitarian uniform or neat slacks and crisp shirts, Kendall Jenner’s take on work attire is a little different – and a little more nude.

Posing in her front of her bedroom mirror, Kenny was off to “work” in nothing but a high-cut pair of Calvin Klein briefs and cropped tourist tee. While KendalI is always in her Calvins (she’s the face of brand’s lingerie skew), her t-shirt choice was an interesting one. The oversized tee read “Aspen Colardo” and was likely purchased on one of the many Kardashian / Jenner trips to the bougie American alps. But instead of hanging long and low, it was cut-off and cropped, revealing a teeny tiny waist and midriff, a move synonymous with the ‘90s (and we all know how much she loves that decade).

As the popularity of merchandise as fashion soars (sports paraphernalia, retro altheltica, pop tees, etc), could this mark the return of the tourist tee?