Like a very chic episode E’s Bitch! Stole My Look, Harper Beckham, seven, has gone head to head – literally – with Anna Wintour, 69, front row at Victoria Beckham.

Cutting her hair into the chicest little bob with bangs, Harper sat on daddy’s lap while taking in her mama’s fall 19 collection. To her left, the most powerful woman in fashion, cut a strikingly similar figure to baby Becks, her famous bob perfectly preened as ever. The hairstyles were so similar, it prompted David Beckham to ask the question: “Harper and Anna. Who wore it better?”

A tough call, indeed. While Anna did it first (truly, eons ago), we can’t go past Harper’s cute-as-button cut. Impossibly glossy (ah, the fountain of youth), it sat perfectly straight with a full fringe that teetered at eye level.

But just in case you thought it couldn’t get any better, it does. Harper mimicked her muse with oversized shades, phone in hand, cutting fashionable deals – or ordering her venti Starbucks, of course. “Intern, are you there? It needs to be HOT.”

As far as famous bobs go; we might just have a new front runner. We think Joan Rivers would agree, Harper Beckham’s adorable bang and bob for the win. But, the incredible Beckham hair transformations didn’t stop there. Backstage, Cruz got a mullet.

Playing dress-ups with the wigs of Victoria’s show, Cruz got a little creative, deftly affixing hair pieces for a seamless, very chic mullet.

Brother Brooklyn also experimented with the mullet, adding pieces which popped out beneath his pageboy cap.

Then assuming the role of hairstylist, taking a hot iron to Cruz’s head.

And as if we couldn’t love them anymore, both David and Victoria played up to the hilarity of the situation with self-depreciating social shoutouts. We’re particularly fond of this pearler below.

And for the record David, we think you can. Can we be a Beckham already?