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As a country, Italy has the privilege of producing some of the world’s most exceptionally beautiful, enigmatic actresses, fashionistas, and It-girls. However, tourists who have walked Milan’s cobblestone streets, seen Venice’s canals, or strolled along the pebble-filled beaches of Italy’s vast long coast line, can attest to the warmly outspoken, bold, and vivacious nature of the Italian woman. While the inimitable elegance of Isabella Rossellini is testament enough to this, the sartorially elite newcomers that appear in endless ‘best-dressed’ lists like Gilda Ambrosio, Eleonora Carisi, and of course Chiara Ferragni – blogger behind The Blonde Salad, add to the eclectic aesthetic that designers try to capture during Milan Fashion Week. While Italian fashion week always features a more is more approach: see Dolce & Gabbana, Gucci, etc., the beauty routine of its native attendees showcase a lesson in creating a strong, sensual, feminine look that enhances their natural features, differing from the lassez fair attitude of their French girl counterparts.

And what’s not to love? The bodacious hair, permanently sun-kissed olive skin, and diet fuelled with carbs or all sorts, it creates an obtainable beauty, that’s also stubbornly unique to the southern paradiso, and those who call it home. However, we’ve tried to bridge the beauty gap via an extensive investigation post Milan Fashion Week through the Instagram feed of Italian’s finest, and insane holiday fomo, and a deep yearning for an aperol spritz aside, we’ve cracked the code to Italian beauty… Mediterranean tan optional.

1. Observe ‘I woke up like this hair’

While they’re more likely to spend more time 

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No. 2 Diets are negotiable

In the land of pizza, pasta, gelato, and cannoli, a balanced diet equals a combination of the above with a side salad attached, and a glass of wine (for the antioxidants).

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No. 3 Master the one-step smokey eye

Multi-step smokey eyes are , instead Just take one colour and blend over the lid

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No. 4 Embrace a spa day

Designer and co-founder from statement-making brand The Attico, Gilda Ambrosio documents regular spa days on her Instagram, with the odd bout of DIY treatments and face masks. The take-away lesson? Make time to pamper your skin Lesson as shown on her Instagram, you can easily DIY your own with a pair of under eye face masks

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No. 5 All you need is the sea

Italian girls sit on par with the French for their distaste in gyms and structured exercise, but with the Mediterranean on your door step a dip in the ocean is synonymous with  there’s not excuse to … all apart of living the dolce vita.

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No. 6 Keep your beauty essentials to a tight edit

Curate your favourites and Sticks to the classics – Chanel, ______, $xx. SHOP NOW, Jo Malone,

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No. 7 Age gracefully

Dubbed by Grazia Italy’s as one of their It Girls, at
Maybe it’s a diet fuelled by home-made carbs, slow-cooked food, and wine (again… for the antioxidants), but Italian women seem to be imperceptible to the sands of time – case in point, Isabella Rossellini. 

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