The connection between French fashion house, Christian Dior and red lipstick is an easy one to make. The instant link between the same classic beauty look and Australian summer on the other side of the world however, perhaps not immediately but Isabelle Cornish makes it a no brainer. In her own mini feel good film to celebrate launch the house’s new #IFeelGood campaign for Rouge Dior lipsticks, Isabelle Cornish is seen sizing up a sunny Australian beach, skateboard in hand layered in the iconic crimson lip.

Set to the sounds of James Brown’s classic I Feel Good, the film is playful, sexy and cool, with Cornish proving that a red lip can take you anywhere…whether it’s to Paris (as it does via the global campaign, starring Natalie Portman), or even just the lemonade icy-pole stand and back.  We spoke exclusively to the actress and It-girl for the story behind the film, her top beauty tips and why red lipstick is just one of her many confidence-boosting tricks. 

What was the process behind making the film And the inspiration behind the concept?
This is the part I loved so much. Coming up with a concept and seeing it come to light is so motivating for me. Along with my agent, Lara (who produced the film with me) I decided it would be a great idea to work with a film director to ensure that not only was it of high quality but that it married the actress part of me and the brand together and told a story. We hired Rene Hernandez who is a renowned Australian film director – he recently did a short film aspect of a campaign with Sophie Lowe and Ryan Corr so I knew he would help flesh out the concept with me and direct it in a way that made sense. The inspiration behind the concept was very much about how Rouge Dior Lipstick is all about expressing yourself. We wanted to capture something that was fun, light and beautiful yet authentic and appropriate. Rouge DIOR was the first makeup product created by Mr Dior & the first DIOR fashion show ever shown outside of Europe was here in Sydney at the David Jones store on Elizabeth St – this provided the perfect starting block for our concept.

Dior is  proudly French, and you are the quintessential cool and laid-back Australian girl – how did these two worlds collide on this project?
This is something that came up in our first concept meeting. It was a really good opportunity to explore the fresh, young vibe that they wanted us to capture whilst still respecting the iconic elegance that is DIOR. We used the quintessential Australian backdrop which felt authentic to me and added in a Rouge DIOR red lip and very simple 80’s styling. It married the confidence and elegance of France with the fun, feel good energy of Australia.

Red lipstick is secret weapon for women to feel quickly confident. what’s your instant-confidence fix?
I feel most confident when I am acting. Getting an opportunity and privilege to portray someone else’s life and tell their story, being in the moment.
I also feel confident when I’m with my boyfriend Mitch and we are doing something together we love. The people we love can make us feel beautiful, it’s nice.

How does beauty fit into the other passions in your life?
Beauty fits in to my life by making time to look after my body from the inside out. Also taking time for self love, and looking after my skin. Mental and physical Heath can affect the way we feel and look. I love the way makeup transforms and I love getting dressed up for events. Every woman loves to feel beautiful and elegant.

What are your top 5 essential beauty products?
1. Dior Rouge Dior lipstick for an instant confidence boost, I personally like the matte red shade
2. Diorshow Brow Styler Gel, because good brows are key
3. Mukti Deep Cleanse Antioxidant Mask
4. Paw Paw Ointment
5. Visiting The Last Resort and seeing Saimaa Miller. She provides me with the best treatments, herbal tonics and general well being advice that I love

How has your beauty routine changed since getting your break on puberty blues?

I have become a lot more conscious of looking after my skin and longevity. I make sure I protect my skin with SPF everyday. I also make sure I drink lot’s of water and keep my routine very simple. I avoid makeup on my days off but as I’ve grown up I’ve really enjoyed wearing different lipsticks and eye colours.

What have you learnt so far in your career?
I have learnt that nothing comes easily or falls into your lap. It’s hard work, happiness, a kind heart and dedication that leads to success. I guess good advice at the beginning of my career would have been not to take things personally – the industry I work in can be tricky but it is very rewarding and I’m grateful for the opportunities that I’ve had so far. My Yoga practice has certainly helped with this.