When celebrity hairstylist Jen Atkin says something, we usually listen. Hair queen to Kaia, Kendall, Khloe, Chrissy and Bella, and founder of cult haircare brand, Ouai, Atkin is the undisputed matriarch when it comes to hair (of only the cool variety). So, when she recently uploaded a picture of a cropped blunt hairstyle, with the caption “2018 hair vibes”, we immediately took notice. The image – a regram from the @digitalf33ls account – features a bob / lob hybrid, slightly longer towards the front, gently textured with noticeably blunt ends. It seems 2018 marks the year of blunt cuts and linear hairstyles, captioning the image with the hashtag #cleanlines.

Coming off the back of a year hallmarked by blonde bobs, it seems the hairstyle favoured by almost every celeb in 2017 is here to stay for another year, according to Atkin. But this time it’s all about a blunt, thick end; gone are multi-layered ends and the shaggy pixie, this is the year of the clean line. This doesn’t mean hair should be flat either; a clean cut can often mean heavy ends, so texturising the hair with products such as sea salt spray is important to maintain life. Lofty, chunky and supremely cool, this is this updated bob of 2018.

Note to self: bookmark this pic for your next trip to the salon.