Kylie Jenner’s new skincare range, Kylie Skin, unsurprisingly sold out in 10 minutes. But despite its indubitable popularity in the beauty sphere, a certain group of fans are not happy.

Much like walnut-gate – where Jenner was socially crucified for her inclusion of walnut shells in the Scrub, apparently skin blasphemy – she’s again been burnt at the social stake by unhappy vegans who claim she is lying.

A select group of fans have taken to Twitter to call out the beauty brand which purports to be vegan and cruelty-free, with three ingredients under the spotlight. First, there was concern about Kylie Skin’s Vanilla Milk Toner, which allegedly includes squalene, a derivative of shark liver oil. Then came the grievances about Hydroxyacetophenone, a chemical compound which comes from the beaver. And lastly, the use of glycerine, commonly derived from animal fats.

But, to borrow a hackneyed phrase, you shouldn’t always believe what you read (on social media). The accusatory shark-derived “squalene” is in fact not this at all. Replace the second last “e” with an “a” and you get squaLANE, the plant-derived emollient Jenner uses (hers hailing from olives). Then there’s the Hydroxyacetophenone case. The incensed fan however added the number “3” to the equation, changing the compound origin’s from beavers to cloudberries. And in terms of the glycerine outcry, Kylie Jenner Skin in fact uses “glycerin”, which is derived from vegetables, not animals.

A gentle reminder to always do your research, even when it comes to Kylie Jenner and science.