Credit: Instagram @kyliejenner

If there’s one thing we can count on Kylie Jenner for, it’s serving up and endless stream of hair inspiration. Ticking off pretty much every colour and cut on the mane spectrum, the make-up mogul has proved herself a beauty force to be reckoned with more times than we can count. It’s been barely a week since Jenner posted pictures of a fresh, platinum blonde bob, yet today Jenner has debuted yet another tress transformation – a sleek black bob. 

Showing off her latest look on SnapChat, Jenner said: “The gag is…I had to cut off all my hair today,” before adding, “my hair is still blonde.” Zooming in to show a peek of blonde root along her hairline, she had us thinking her latest mane move was the result of yet another stealth wig scenario. 

However when a fan jumped to the same conclusion and questioned her latest look , Jenner claimed it was the real deal. Well Kylie, your new look is killer but colour us intrigued. Until next time.