At some point during the working day, someone in the GRAZIA office will be rolling. Behind every partition, a keen GRAZIA staffer – even outside the beauty vertical – will be massaging their face with a Jade Roller, rolling up and down as they scroll eternal email chains. Addiction? Perhaps. But we’re all convinced we can see the effects of a rolling facial massage; smooth, bouncy, less-puffy skin.

But, there’s a new kid on the block. Meet Gua Sha, the new (but in fact very old) Eastern beauty treatment to infiltrate our beauty routines.

So what exactly is Gua Sha? Google the term, and you will see some very interesting, rather alarming images of full-body bruising. This is Gua Sha in its purest form, a type of traditional Chinese medicine whereby the skin is scraped to produce light petechiae; a release of unhealthy bodily matter from the blood within fatigued or injured muscle areas, and which in turn stimulates new oxygenated blood flow to the areas. The beauty version is much less abrasive and involves no bruising (phew), just leaves you with beautifully rosy, radiant-looking skin.

It works on a similar principle of ‘pulling’ or ‘scraping’, but is performed with a light hand and the aid of a facial oil. Whilst made of precious stone – Rose Quartz or Jade – its shape is very different to that of a Jade Roller, rather, it is a flat, smooth stone, about the size of a palm and  whilst its form can vary slightly, it typically resembles an elongated heart.

To use, skin must be well lubricated. Apply a light oil over the face and neck to allow the tool to glide without tugging at the skin with unwanted friction (because of it’s flat shape, this is a non-negotiable). Then, smooth the stone in gentle sweeping motions from your collarbone to your chin, in upwards motions. Then continue to move upwards, and drag the stone from jawline to cheeks, the delicate eye area and finally around the forehead. Remember, the key is to always work upwards and outwards, and the tool should be cold, so refrigeration is necessary. Post-massage, simply wash with soap and water and pop in the fridge!

Its effects have been well-documented and vast; from improving blood circulation and lymphatic drainage, to clearing acne and refining skin tone, the power of Gua Sha seems resolute (according to its legions of devotees). At GRAZIA HQ, as we trade our Jade for a little Rose Quartz, only time will tell what the results are IRL. Stay tuned.

Tile and Cover Image: Instagram, @bambilegit