Lara Worthington has always been blonde. From her buxom Bingle days to the more understated Worthington years, she’s remained a cool, ash blonde through and through. That is until recently.

Cutting a much cooler, masculine figure in recent years, her signature bob recently underwent a colour makeover; that signature flaxen blonde turned a rich, chocolate brown – a first for the Australian model and beauty entrepreneur.

Worthington in New York with deep brown locks

And now, Worthington has changed up her colour once more. This time? A radiant copper. The colour change comes via her colourist, Jaye Edwards of Edwards & Co., who brought a little sunshine to her hair.

“You bring the sun to my hair.” 

A far cry from the cool blondes we’re used to seeing on Worthington, this new shade of blonde is distinctly golden, almost brassy in tone.

Worthington and her sunny locks

Whilst a warm shade like copper can often read a little cheap and easily skew brassy, Worthington ups its class with a minimalist wardrobe and tomboy sensibilities – sunny locks made chic. The perfect way to tone it down, choose a less is more approach with both beauty and outfit.

As the trend of bleached blonde continues to swell, is this shade the next big thing in blonde? According to Lara (and us), yes. Let the sun shine in (our hair).

Lara Worthington with colourist, Jaye Edwards