Another Versace’s Men’s runway, another gaggle of beautiful girls. Among the hotted-up cars and leather outerwear, there was Irina Shayk. Fresh from her breakup with Bradley Cooper, the model served him some not so subtle this-is-what-you’re-missing-baby vibes, strutting in a sequinned leopard mini dress which left very little to the imagination (even if it were wild).

There was Gigi Hadid, playing a little role reversal in shiny suit and tie – tough but feminine with a sexy leg reveal and power pump.

Stella Maxwell lived life in the fast line with a car-printed shirt and skirt combo, while Vittoria Ceretti was smouldering and sexy as ever in leather pants and logo-emblazoned tie.

And then Bella Hadid, impossibly lithe and seemingly ready to take over the world, hers was a swagger both memorable and mighty (as were those abs).

And yet, despite the strong presence of the sisterhood, the Versace Spring / Summer 2020 collection was in fact a celebration of contemporary masculinity. The personal journey of a young man; a coming of age and the often onerous path of finding confidence was explored through subtlety. “For this collection, I wanted to explore the elements that empower a man. It’s definitely the confidence, the freedom and desire to express himself without hesitation,” Donatella Versace said of the collection, one of iconic house codes, wild prints, and ironic nuances, which came together with the old and the new; modern tailoring and that signature Versace style.

While more overt, stereotypical symbols of status played out via revved-up race cars and intentionally oversized silhouettes, evoking the spirit of adolescence. And teen spirit was very much the order of the day. It was a nod to 1990s culture and the rave movement, as The Prodigy and its founding frontman, the late Keith Flint, were honoured through tie-dye, washed denim and hyper-colour haircuts, all discovered through classic Versace iconography – Medusa heads and mythological character Narcissus – it was as if antiquity had collided with the punk liberalism of the 90s in a welcome, crazy mash-up.

All in all, a reminder that the Versace man is free to self-express with no limitations. And the Versace woman. Now strut Bella strut. You go girl.


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