Credit: Shot on an iPhone

Beginning today, you’re going to notice a significant change in your Instagram feed.

While you might still be subjected to an abundance of poorly-composed selfies, aerial brunch spreads and ridiculous dog portraits, the way in which those shots are composed is about to receive a considerable upgrade thanks to a new feature included in the latest Apple iOS update (10.1, for those of you playing at home) which enables iPhone 7 Plus users to access a fantastic new feature that renders Instagram’s tilt shift filter all but redundant. 

Added to those camera features with which you’re no doubt already well acquainted, Portrait mode (found between your standard Photo and Square frame modes) takes advantage of the phone’s dual 12-megapixel cameras to render a 3D map of what your phone sees, focusing on the desired subject before enhancing the depth of field (read: background blur) effect on the remainder of your photo.

It’s an effect usually achieved by means of a (very expensive) DSLR camera equipped with an even more exorbitant lens. Don’t have the latest phone, or a DSLR? Supposedly that won’t pose a problem. According to a review at Forbes, portraits are expected “to be improved using image processing for all iOS 10 capable smartphones (iPhone 5 and newer),” meaning your greatest selfie to date is just a future update away.

The artful blurring effect, also known as ‘bokeh’, was once the province of ardent photography devotees and will no doubt make its presence keenly felt over the coming months in your Instagram feed, when everything from your breakfast to your best friend is sure to benefit from being seen in a softer, more professional looking new light.

Having tested the Portrait mode feature in beta stages, I too can personally vouch for the benefits of a little bokeh here and there. Looks like you’re finally ready for that close up.

Tile and cover image: Supplied