Smith in a behind-the-scenes video to promote the new-look adidas ULTRAboost running shoe filmed at Bondi Bathers Pavilion in Sydney

Who is your best friend? Sounds so corny, but my boyfriend Josh. [Fellow Australian model and social media influencer Josh Miller.]

Can you tell us something that would surprise us about you? I’m a country river girl, not a beach girl.

What’s the most fun job you’ve ever done? Anything with adidas because I get to be myself and have a good workout.

The bikini model has a healthy respect for the ocean
Credit: Instagram @stephclairesmith

What’s the most terrifying job you’ve ever done? As I said, I’m not a beach girl so I’m a bit scared of the ocean, and I had to do a job where I had to jump into the deep blue and do some stuff under water. I literally had a panic attack. That was scary.

What’s your biggest extravagance? That’s a hard one. I am a bargain hunter when it comes to fashion but what I I do spend most of my money on is really good food.

Who or what’s your type? Literally Josh, but just a down-to-earth Aussie really.

Before the Sass & Bide Resort 2018 show at MBFWA
Credit: Instagram @stephclairesmith

WHAT’S THE BEST PICK UP LINE YOU’VE EVER HEARD? God, I can’t even remember. I try to block them out of my brain.

Who do you miss most when you’re travelling for work? Josh and Ari my dog. He’s a cavoodle. [Editor’s note: Ari even has his own Instagram with almost 12,000 followers at time of story. Of course.]

What’s your best long-haul travel hack? Try to stay in a routine so you don’t fall out of routine before you get home.

With Josh and their cavoodle Ari
Credit: Instagram @stephclairesmith

When was the last time you lost your temper? We came home from holiday a few weeks ago and Josh did the washing and put a brand new red jumper in with all of the whites. That’s the last time he’ll be doing the washing.

What’s your best selfie tip? Good lighting. Stand near an open window for natural light.

Can you tell us what you couldn’t live without? Chocolate and cheese.

With fellow model and businesswoman Lara Worthington
Credit: Instagram @stephclairesmith

What from your past would you love to delete from the internet? Nothing. I don’t really regret anything.

What would you be doing now if you weren’t a model, influencer and brand ambassador? Probably along the lines of what I was doing on the outside – I have a health and wellness blog and business. But I have always pictured myself on Play School, so maybe that will happened down the track?

What’s your biggest life lesson so far? Treat people how you want to be treated.

Steph Claire Smith is an ambassador for adidas Australia. Follow her on Instagram.

At Revolve Festival 
Credit: Instagram @stephclairesmith