The beauty industry is full of secrets — Paul Rudd’s skincare routine, JLo’s cosmetic doctor… But few have caused mass hysteria quite like Rihanna’s smell. Dubbed by Hollywood as the “best-smelling celebrity” for years, the internet searched high and low for the fragrance behind the olfactive allure. Of course, she had her signature by Rihanna celebrity line in partnership with Parlux, but that was ruled out. Finally, an underground internet video emerged that named By Killian’s Love, Don’t Be Shy as her signature: a sweet, tuberose-heavy narcotic floral.

But now, the singer and entrepreneur has launched a new luxury scent as part of her Fenty Beauty line — a “complex, vibrant, raw, sensual, spicy” fragrance with notes of magnolia, musk, blueberry and Bulgarian rose.

It launched this morning via and sold out within hours, so naturally those who have managed to get their hands on it are doing their best to describe how it smells — or more so the mood in conveys — online.

We’ve wrapped up a few of the best right here: 

“It doesn’t give off very much “the woman who has a song called “bitch better have my money”” but i also don’t think that’s who she is or is trying to be. what it does give me is “rihanna – CEO of fenty(rip)/fenty beauty/fenty skin”. it’s a very wealthy smelling perfume, in my opinion.” — Reddit user

“Lastly (or at least for now) i’m getting a very sweet and dry? smell. and a very subdued spice. can’t really tell what it is, but i’ve also been aggressively sniffling my used nespresso pods in hopes to see if i can distinguish any specific scents and that, combined with aggressively sniffing my arms, has made me very lightheaded. so i’m gonna stop.” — Reddit user




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