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It goes without saying that sunscreen is the most important step in our skincare routine. But so often, SPF formulas are either too greasy or too chalky, making it difficult to achieve that healthy, luminous skin finish we’re all chasing. And if you want to add in makeup, the process gets even more complicated — which is why so many people are avoidant when it comes to daily UV protection.

But Clarins have come to the table with the answer to all our prayers in the form of the SOS Primer UV. A lightweight liquid formula, SOS Primer UV is a true skincare-sunscreen hybrid, complete with broad spectrum protection, complexion benefits and a radiant finish that looks glowy, but not greasy.

Enriched with hydrators and antioxidants, the SOS Primer UV has a sun protection factor of 30 to prevent both skin burning and accelerated ageing due to UV damage and pollution. The silky texture also creates a soft, even canvas for makeup — not to mention imparts a beautiful luminosity to enhance the look of your base product (whether that’s a BB cream, CC Cream or foundation). What I love most is that it feels less like a sunscreen, and more like an elegant moisturiser or serum, so it’s a great choice for anyone who doesn’t like the feel of traditional sunscreen. There’s also the fact it ticks numerous boxes in one easy product, so is perfect for streamlining your routine.

The Clarins SOS Primer UV is now available at Myer, but you can see it in action (and hear my honest thoughts) in the video below.

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