Credit: Instagram/Lady Gaga

As is customary for talent headlining the Super Bowl Halftime Yas Kween Show, Lady Gaga decamped to a palatial Airbnb in Houston, Texas, for the duration of her stay – the precise details of which have today been revealed.

For much of the last week, Gaga has been ensconced in the comfort of a 10,000 square foot Mediterranean-style residence designed by local architect Robert Dame and estimated to be worth some $26 million. The home, listed earlier this year by its owner Mark, was constructed over a period of four years and enjoys “curated finishes, artisanal details and rare materials from around the world” – onyx, limestone, and walnut amongst them.

An array of “sumptuous amenities” surely guaranteed that the Germanotta family enjoyed a level of comfort commensurate with the musician’s now-iconic performance (that is, ‘extremely good, wow, I’m screaming’). I mean, how could they not when you factor in the $13,000-per-night estate’s “sheltered outdoor living and dining [area and] resort-inspired pool surrounded by bluestone terraces;” its bocce court and shuffleboard; its Venetian plaster walls; and its laptop friendly workspaces.

You can almost imagine Gaga walking the hallways singing, ever so softly, to herself, “I live for walnut floors, the floors, the floors.

You can view the full property listing here.

Villa Encantado’s “Resort inspired pool and jacuzzi”
Credit: Airbnb
The Chef’s kitchen, featuring a limestone fireplace
Credit: Airbnb
Mediterranean-style finishes, as seen in the master suite – a room exemplary of the estate’s “curated finishes, artisanal details, and rare materials”
Credit: Airbnb
Very chill bathroom
Credit: Airbnb
The estate’s movie theatre comes with “your very own popcorn maker”
Credit: Airbnb
A “fully outfitted exercise room”, replete with much-needed tanning bed
Credit: Airbnb
Tile and cover image: Courtesy of Airbnb