When Chloë Sevigny—the It Girl to end all It girls— announced her pregnancy in January, tabloids were falling over themselves to point out the fact she was 45, as if it was some miraculous triumph over biology. From that moment onwards, everything about Sevigny’s pregnancy seemed to subtly buck the expected codes of celebrity motherhood.

On Instagram, her content flitted between sexy—like when she posed naked and resplendent for The Cut—and masculine, like when she gelled back her hair and wore a men’s shirt and socks for HommeGirls. In March she partnered with UNICEF to promote abortion access while heavily pregnant, and posed in a mock bridal veil for William Strobeck. Last month she unveiled a Vogue Italia cover, her body entirely obscured by a giant black Prada coat. In an era of performative motherhood it felt authentic and self-possessed.

Sevigny’s post-birth style has been similarly high fashion. Baby doll dresses with Mary Jane pumps, oversized balloon-shoulder blouses with mini shorts and chunky loafers, sheer black dressesToday she wore a killer ruffled pinafore and turtleneck combination. It’s refreshing, in a society where women are bombarded by social messaging that suggests large swathes of your pre-child identity is killed off after giving birth, to see someone so joyfully express this new chapter through the medium of clothes.

And her discussion of child-having is refreshingly candid too. Speaking to the Wall Street Journal in August, Sevigny compared the early days of motherhood to being high on Ecstacy. “That part was really fun,” she said. “I was like, I would do this again, just for this high.” If only for the second round of maternity style, I truly hope she does.