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Lady Gaga has never been one to do things by half measures, especially when it comes to voting. Remember in 2016, when she wore this totally outrageous election-themed getup to arrive at Narita International Airport in Japan?

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Now, for 2020—an election many consider to be the most important in recent memory—Gaga has come through with the goods once again. Taking to Instagram, the Chromatica singer revealed she is voting by mail, encouraging her 44.7 million followers to do the same. “Ballot’s here!” she wrote. “And it’s #VoteEarlyDay! Today’s the perfect day to join the 46 million people who have already cast their ballots in the 2020 election.”

In the shot, Gaga was wore an uncharacteristically (though understandable, given the whole #WFH thing) low-key outfit—leggings, a crop top and oversized sunglasses. Later, when she cast her vote, it was a different story. In a video, we see Gaga step out of a gull-wing car door and stride toward a post box wearing a T-shirt, no pants, and giant six-inch glittery platform boots. Casual. Gaga captioned the clip, which was set to her new song Babylon, ‘Category: Ballot Drop Off Realness’.

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Category: Ballot Drop Off Realness

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Politics has always been a core part of the Lady Gaga brand. In 2016, Gaga vocally supported Hillary Clinton’s candidacy, performing on stage at many of Clinton’s political events. In 2010, in the early years of her career, she attended rallies to repeal the homophobic ‘Don’t ask, don’t tell’ laws. In 2017, she partnered with current Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden (who she has endorsed and presumably voted for this year) on an initiative to reduce sexual assault in America called “It’s On Us”.
We won’t know the outcome of the election until November 3rd—but here’s hoping Gaga’s preferred candidate wins this time around.