For most, it was our mothers that first taught us about beauty.

Be it literally, through a lick of lipstick and the importance of taking your makeup off before bed (no matter how late / early you come home). Or existentially; an idea, a right, a belief about beauty, beyond skin-deep. What it means, how to deal with it, the struggles, the joys, the all of it.

In this restless chapter where gender equality and what it means to be a woman is being challenged and subverted, the mother-daughter narrative is as precious as ever. So instead of naff gift packs and inflated bouquets on the second Sunday in May, we take inspiration from a dialogue about beauty with some of the most mesmeric mothers – all who are deeply immersed in it; makeup artists, entrepreneurs, artists, and most importantly, mothers.

Here, a conversation with four of the most intriguing women in beauty, about beauty, and of course, about being a mum.

Elise Pioch, founder of maison balzac, and loulou

What did your maman teach you about beauty?

I think my mum taught me about beauty simply by being kind, elegant and natural in everything she was doing.

What will you teach Loulou about beauty?
I hope to spontaneously behave in a way that inspires her to be natural, strong and balanced (like my mum did).

If you could receive any Mother’s Day present in the world, what would it be?
Either a big kiss from Loulou or a week in a spa in France (both would be ideal)



Nicole thompson, m.a.c cosmetics senior artist, and frenchie

What did your mum teach you about beauty?
Dry skin is old skin! MOISTURISE!!! I am so diligent with moisturising day and night, and I stay out of the sun when I can. I feel like it has paid off when in my mid 30’s it feels especially good when I get asked for ID! And pale skin is beautiful! I learnt from looking at my Grandmothers, my mum and my sister that you don’t have to be tanned to be beautiful – be happy and confident in the skin you are in!

What will you teach Frenchie about beauty?
Being different is MAGICAL. It’s so boring being the same. I know what it feels like to grow up and want to go along with the crowd, and feel the need to blend in so I will never tell her what to do and how to do it as we all have our own paths. What has been a sometimes painful journey for me to become confident in who I am and how colourful I want to be, has made it oh-so important for me to share with my Frenchie that no one is as special as YOU. Have fun with your look, change it, tweak it, sprinkle it in glitter – if it feels good, it’s perfect.

If you could receive any Mother’s Day present in the world, what would it be?
Being a Type One Diabetic, the experience of pregnancy and having Frenchie was not an easy one. I feel grateful every day that she came into our lives healthily, so (AS CHEESY AS IT IS) she is enough of a gift. I hear GROANS, I know. Best present would be a sleep in, as it’s the day before Fashion week, and a day of eating and enjoying some wine with my Fam-band!



Filomena Natoli, Makeup Artist, And Paige and Paris

Growing up, my mother would have weekly blow dries and manicures and facials monthly and took pride in her appearance, she has always been quite minimal with her makeup which works for her. I feel like that has influenced me for sure. Look after yourself would be the beauty ethos she passed on to me. 

WHAT do you teach your girls ABOUT BEAUTY?
My girls are in high school now and are exploring beauty. They both have a great eye and access to great products, my advice to them has been less is more, leave your brows alone, hold off from hair colour, look after your skin and buy the damn shoes. The girls beauty regime is perfect and age appropriate, I love watching them get ready when we head out for dinner as a family.

Any Mother’s Day present in the world? That is a tough one, I buy myself presents all the time! I’m more about time and experiences so I would say a plane ticket to somewhere amazing would be lovely. If I could get a sleep in too, that would be heaven!



VICKI LEE, ARTIST, and yokie

Beauty starts with a feeling.

WHAT do you teach your YOKIE ABOUT BEAUTY?
Much the same as my mother taught me. Look inward before you look outward to feel beautiful.

What do you believe is the most important thing we need to teach our sons and daughters about beauty?
There are so many different types of beauty. Don’t be limited to one interpretation. Make it your life quest to experience beauty in all different forms.

If you could receive any Mother’s Day present in the world, what would it be?
We just had our second baby so I’m completely loved up and content. Although, bit of extra time to paint always brings me joy.