Life feeling a little too much? Us, too. Take five with a drop of Ayu’s new Sufi Scented Oil, a blissful and beautiful way to placate even the most frenzied of soul.

An olfactory tale of the realms beyond, ground yourself with the gender neutral scented oil; a warming, comforting scent that feels as serene as it does spiritual. A woody raft of Moroccan cedarwood, oudh, labdanum, patchouli and sandalwood set the groundwork, rich and resinous. Warmth comes via notes of honey, while a sprinkling of saffron keeps it spicy up top (note).

As with all Ayu scented oil, its base is made up of glorious oils including; Jojoba, nature’s moisturiser, Wheatgerm, a natural fixative cure rich vitamins A, B and D and Sandalwood, a precious and revered ancient oil with grounding properties. Ayurvedic herbs, Ashwagandha and Amla, round out the fragrance with restoration and rejuvenation, encouraging clarity and overall wellness.

Like incense for stylish and scent-conscious grown-ups, a droplet of this instantly makes us feel calm. And we’re happy with that.

Ayu Sufi scented oil, $60. shop now