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The iced latte and the cold brew, that invigorating and full-bodied beverage made by steeping ground coffee in cold water, have arguably surpassed your standard flat white as the morning coffees du jour for the stifling summer months.

Their allure is (almost as) clear as the drinks themselves are: without the interference of heat, the experience is a completely different one. Those tasting notes you’re always told about (but mightn’t have a clue about) are still allowed to sing, but the tune often sounds entirely different from your morning brew.

But for those high-tolerance coffee connoisseurs for whom the idea of another espresso martini is just a little too much, how then do you take your favourite drink from day to night without losing all those things you love so dearly about your morning iced latte?

The answer is simple: a Plantation Iced Coffee that’s given a considerable kick with the help of aged rum, amaro, and a hit of velvety Nespresso Dharkan, the intense cocoa and toasted cereal notes of which are allowed to take centre stage.

The resulting cocktail pays homage toward the Dharkan’s Brazilian roots – its blend of Latin American and Asian Arabicas, plus a nip of coconut water, instantly transporting you to more tropical climes (if only for a well-earned moment).

Plantation Iced Coffee
50ml Bacardi Ocho Rum
10ml Amaro Montenegro
25ml Nespresso Dharkan
30ml Coconut water
10ml Egg white
10ml Sugar syrup
15ml Full cream milk
Liquorice to garnish

Add all ingredients into a shaker with cubed ice, shake six times and strain into another shaker. Dry shake four times and pour into a chilled short highball glass. Garnish with grated liquorice.

Plantation Iced Coffee tile
Credit: E Michael Wolf


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