Making its debut at MBFWA18, the I.AM.GIA tribe marched down the runway donning unique hairstyles for each individual model. With forty models, both male and female, Redken Hair Director Marie Cain had her work cut out for her.

“The look is about elevating all the girls and guys (natural) looks,” says Cain. “The designers and stylists wanted these really cool individuals. A lot of the models have amazing hairstyles already. The guys have got these really cool hair-dos; a lot of the international models have got their own thing going on. The last thing they wanted was for everyone to look the same.” Hair diversity at its finest.

Quite dissimilar to the commercial model used on the I.AM.GIA website, who has glossy, shoulder-length waves, the runway models each had their own individual and unique look that was designed to look like it would everyday. “Something they stressed to me is that they don’t want to see shine, they want it to look lived in. The best question was asking your model, ‘how do you wear your hair everyday’, and then go from there. They don’t want it to look like there’s a lot of product… they want it to look like dry, maybe a bit chalky, and undone.”

“This time around we are letting the product do a lot of the talking, we aren’t doing a lot of hair work, instead we are working with the product and their natural texture, which I think is exciting for the consumer. It’s hair that they can actually achieve. It doesn’t sound overly technical or detailed, but it’s really cool for fashion to want to celebrate that.”

“The key product today was the One United Priming Spray – a multipurpose spray, which smells amazing. It’s hydrating for their hair, it has a heat-protecting property in there, and it also just gives the hair a really great texture. It’s always my first preference in making sure the hair is in good condition. The next key hair product is Fashion Waves 07; it has a really light hold and it’s chalky.”

“By misting that on the hair and letting it fall encourages any natural texture, but the key thing are these little hairstyling clips and these are crucial in manipulating the hair. Even though we aren’t doing a lot, we’re manipulating the hair to look how we want it by placing it and letting it dry.”

Embrace your natural curl, kink or bend – whatever it may be.