Sure, Hung Vanngo’s makeup skills are supremely masterful, and typically his canvas is of the perfectly-proportioned, annoyingly symmetrical variety. But, the vast celebrity list in Hung’s Instagram feed always look that little bit too perfect. Selena, eternally. Em Rata, every time. J.Lo, don’t even start.

Screen Shot 20170801 at 112344 pm
Credit: Instagram, @hungvanngo

Of course, a filter can fix a myriad of beauty ailments (blemishes, redness, shine, dullness, ghostly white – hello, saturation), but Hung recently revealed to us that in fact the secret to his stellar beauty selfies is something else. White. Card. Yes. The same white cardboard synonymous with school arts and crafts, or online delivery day.  “I always use a white card on the bottom.”
Hung explained, “People always think the skin looks glowing but I always just have white card! Even when people have pimples it airbrushes the skin. I even did a demo at the office the other day!”

Screen Shot 20170801 at 111925 pm
Credit: Instagram, @hungvanngo
Clarendon, be gone. Photoshop, laters. 4578308379378 takes, no more. Just add a humble sheet of white card at the bottom of your photo and your radiant, brightened, lightened, imperfection-free guise awaits. All hail its perfecting, reflecting powers.

OK, off to Officeworks, BRB…

@hungvanngo’s beauty Selfie HALL OF FAME

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Jennifer Lopez
Screen Shot 20170801 at 111945 pm
Gisele Bundchen
Screen Shot 20170801 at 112142 pm
Kendall Jenner
Screen Shot 20170802 at 120404 am
Katy Perry

Screen Shot 20170801 at 112004 pm
Romee Strijd
Screen Shot 20170801 at 112640 pm
Taylor Hill
Screen Shot 20170801 at 112555 pm
GRAZIA Covergirl Maria Borges
Screen Shot 20170801 at 111832 pm
Olivia Culpo
Screen Shot 20170801 at 112733 pm
Selena Gomez
Screen Shot 20170801 at 112413 pm
Kate Bosworth
Screen Shot 20170801 at 111755 pm
Georgia Fowler