Jodi Anasta and Rachael Finch at the Flemington Racecourse last weekend
Credit: Getty Images

Tip 1 EMBRACE COLOUR The number one rule for Fashions on the Field victory: embrace colour and use it in a creative way, bringing together all your accessories and headpiece and tying that into the colour of your dress and making it interesting.

Tip 2 BE BRAVE What I’m looking for during the competition is someone who’s stylish and creates an interesting and an ensemble that’s little bit different. And someone who’s not afraid to take risks.

Tip 3 KNOW THE rules Stick to all of the dress code rules and don’t opt for anything too short. You’re not going to a nightclub. The day is about being a lady.

Tip 4 PICK A WINNING LABEL Designers that nail race day attire (and therefore you should consider wearing) include Alex Perry and Toni Maticevski. Cue does really great race wear pieces and knows how to design that classic shape but it interesting and unique at the same time. I love its use of patterns and prints.

Tip 5 PRE PREP My top before-race day indulgence? I always get a facial or I do a face mask.

“When I comes to picking the winning horse… I usually ask one of the cameraman and then a put a couple of bucks on it to come first.”

Tip 6 EASE OFF MAKE-UP Less is more when it comes to cosmetics. Beautiful coverage on your skin and very glowing – just nothing over the top.

Tip 7: ON THE DAY Be yourself when you walk down the runway, but don’t put on a show. You are here to present your outfit, not make a scene.

Tip 8: ACCESSORIES MAKE THE OUTFIT Compliment what your wearing on your headpieces and jewellery. Balance them with your outfit. If you’re wearing a statement headpiece, don’t wear over-the-top jewellery. Or if your dress is quite over-the-top, try and keep everything else minimal.