Credit: Instagram @hadid.vogue

While we’ll forever argue the right to wear as much or as little make-up as you feel like, sometimes the less is more adage does apply, even out of practically than aesthetics. For example in summer, when the desire to wear layers of make-up, or carry it around for touch-ups, isn’t comparable to the effort it takes to get there. In the name of downsizing, we have turned to the Hadid sisters for summer beauty inspiration, for the Los Angeles born duo have low-key, Cali-girl beauty down pat. The latest lesson from the supermodel siblings? Use bronzer as eye shadow; over the weekend both girls took their warm bronzer through their cheeks as well as along their eyelid for a sun-kissed look that make their blue eyes pop.

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Credit: Instagram @hadid.vogue

Sweeping bronzer across the eyes is a go-to trick for make-up artist, Victor Henao, who counts the Hadid’s bestie, Kendall Jenner as a client. “There’s something about using bronzer around the eye that makes the eye colour pop, especially if you use one that has a beautiful neutral orange to it,” he says, counting Estee Lauder bronze Goddess as his go-to.  

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Credit: Instagram @hadidnews

“Using bronzer through the crease of the bottom lashes brings light back to the eye and really emphasises colour ion every eye colour from greens and blues to hazels and browns.” Wear it along alone on the lid or swept along the edge of a dark, smoky eye to defuse and soften it, suddenly your go-to bronzer just got awarded your summer beauty bag’s MVP.


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