While it’s relatively straightforward to layer necklaces or bracelets, the hottest way to rings right now can be a little trickier to execute. Too few and it loses its punch. Too many, or the wrong mix, and you can look like a little girl who’s been playing in her grandmother’s jewellery stash.

Celebrities like Kate Bosworth, Rihanna and Chiara Ferragni have long been tuned into this jewellery trend for the red carpet. Likewise, top style bloggers and social media stars know that a beautifully executed ring/nail close-up can equate to thousands of Insta double taps.

Here are nine simple ways to make stacked rings look wickedly modern and feel comfortable at the same time.

All rings from Swarovski
Credit: Erika Yin

9 tips for stylish ring stacking 

Mix your metals Once a faux pas, today’s best jewellery looks see silvers and golds (both yellow and rose) collide. The trick is to disperse them evenly (one hand silver, the other gold is a big no-no) and ideally have one piece that combines all to tie them together. Make sure the rest of your jewellery, say earrings, is a combination of both too if you can, for continuity.

All rings from Swarovski
Credit: Erika Yin

Keep it in the family By this we mean the era and style. Edgy geometric rings look great together, as do silver and turquoise stone chunkier pieces, or dainty pieces embellished with crystals. But together? Visual disaster. Stick to one style so there’s cohesion.

Go neutral for stones Either diamond, clear crystal or one neutral stone colour throughout works best. This keeps the look interesting without resembling Christmas tree baubles. If you can’t live without colour, make like Kate Bosworth below and keep it uniform.

A lesson in matching stones and mixed metal tones from Kate Bosworth 
Credit: Instagram @katebosworth

Ease off on other jewellery Leave wrists bare for maximum impact and opt for just a single piece of neckwear that matches your ring theme in some way. Go wild with earrings though – perfect high/low balance. Unless of course you’re Chiara Ferragni. In that case, layer on every bare area like a fashion wild woman and just own the result.

More skin, less matchy Think of the way a traditional wedding ring slots perfectly up to the engagement ring next to it. Now, aim for the opposite. What you don’t want right now are rings that look like a set. The same, but different – with plenty of skin showing between pieces – is the aim.

All rings from Swarovski
Credit: Erika Yin

One per finger if it’s a full house If you’re keen to dress every naked finger, make sure it’s with no more than one ring on each at most. If you’re keen to explore multi-knuckle layering (i.e. One ring in the traditional base spot, the other between nail and first knuckle) then remove one from another finger.

OR go ott on just one Conversely, stacking different (but cohesive) styles on just one finger (say, pointer or third) can look striking, but best if it’s balanced as the same on both hands. Note: this can be uncomfortable after a while, so best skipped if you’ll be spending extended time at a keyboard.

All rings from Swarovski
Credit: Erika Yin

Keep them fine (to balance geo shapes) Jewellery trends go in cycles, just like ready-to-wear fashion. Right now, the finer and daintier the rung, the better, which works a treat for stylish stacking. That’s not to say there can’t be a statement shape (like this eye below) or stone, but the band is best when on the sweet and slimline side.

stick to subtle nails The entire point of stacking rings is to draw attention to your hands. Make sure your nails don’t let the side down. Keep them short, square and either a neutral or neat (chip free) darker shade. Better still, go full metallic like chic millennial British blogger Lydia Tomlinson, below. No talons or Kardashian-style pointy claws recommended.

Metals that are anything but heavy, mastered by style blogger Lydia Tomlinson
Credit: Instagram @lydiajanetomlinson

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