At last, Spring is in the air. A time of warmer weather, bounteous florals and racing frivolity, for many, spring is also a time to clean up. That age-old adage, “spring cleaning”, is familiar to us all, and what better way to apply this than to our skincare routine. Whilst some rituals should remain (cleansing and washing our face and body, for example, should always be the same regardless of season), others most definitely need a rejig and reboot.

We asked leading Sydney dermatologist, Dr. Natasha Cook, her top tips when it comes to cleaning up your skin regime.

Tip #1
Going into summer the humidity picks up and the weather is less dry so your moisture needs change. Out with the heavy creams and switch to a lighter moisturiser.

Tip #2
The UV intensity will increase. Longer days and we are closer to the sun. Make SPF a daily part of your routine to protect you from the single biggest cause of ageing: the SUN! For dry lips, replace lip balm with a UV sunscreen balm.

Tip #3
Out, out damn spot! ‘Tis the season of pigmentation so time to get onto the lightening and brightening serums. Look for Niacinamide and Vitamins C to prevent development of pigmentation. These ingredients block production of pigment (melanin) as well as stop spreading of pigmentation in the skin. Look for concentrations greater than 5% of vitamin B3 and 10% and above of vitamin C. As i always say, early intervention is prevention.

Tip #4
Bring out the tan. Well, the fake variety. Those legs will be looking dry, flakey and pale. Spruce them up with Alpha Keri supple skin oil wash in the shower. Contains Lanolin, one of my favourite hydrating ingredients. Then use an exfoliating moisturiser to get rid of the dead skin cells and dull winter layer. Look for ingredients such as Lactic Acid and Salicylic Acid that “chemo” exfoliate. Finish off with some fake-it-before-you-make-it tan. Dove Gradual Tan Moisturiser is great to build and sustain a gradual glow.

Tile and Cover Image: Instagram, @kaiagerber